Orris Reise

Orris journey

My name is Orri

I am travelling around the world and I am looking for  my parents.

Somebody told me, that my parents are called designer or createure. I have no clue, what that is, but left my place on the board to meet them once in my life.

May be you can help me to find them?



Where do I come from?

I don't know where I was born. I assume in Asia, because my former name was Sunil. I remember the name, but nothing else. 

Later on I remember me being in a huge glas box together with hundreds of totally different creatures.

Sometimes big 2-legs came, put some money in. Then a metal arm came in and took one of us out and gave us to the humans. 

So I met the girl, who threw me on a stage where 5 boys were singing and dancing like crazy. Thousands of mainly girls were screaming 'We love Worlds Apart'.

But they did not seem to love me, because they ignored me. Somebody took me and the other soft toys put us in a sack. I was lying on top and could have a look outside. 

Suddenly a woman appeared, looked at me, laughed and took me home.

She called me Orri. I was sitting a couple of years on a sideboard together with some other creatures.

But that was so boaring, that I decided to leave that place.

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